Winterizing A Gas Golf Cart or Utility Vehicle

Winterizing A Gas Golf Cart or Utility Vehicle

Last week we covered some steps that owners of electric golf carts and utility vehicles can take to protect their vehicle from the ravages of winter. Winterizing gas golf carts and utility vehicles is no less important, though, so this week we will cover what you can do to protect your gas-powered cart.

Before you start the winterization process, consider getting you cart or utility vehicle serviced. We recommend doing so once a year, and before winterization, or after taking your cart out of storage in the spring are both great times to do so. As part of the service process, an E-Z-GO certified technician will change the oil, spark plug(s) and filters, as well as check the vital systems of your golf cart. All service can be provided at your home, business or at our location in Laconia, NH and by appointment in Pocasset, MA.

The first step in the winterization process is to add gas stabilizer to your tank, to prevent tank corrosion and gunk in the carburetor. We recommend Blue Stabil, which is a reliable product with excellent corrosion fighting capabilities. The container will include instructions for proper use, or you can visit the Stabil website.

Once you’ve parked your cart in its storage location, be sure to clean any dirt grass or other materials off both the outside of the cart and the inside of the engine compartment, as this debris can cause damage over time. Cleaning the battery, as was outlined in last week’s post, will also extend its life and ensure that your cart starts when you need it. Once you taken these steps, check the tire pressure and remove any vinyl accessories: finding a torn and brittle rain cover or a wheel resting on its rim isn’t how you want to start the riding season next year.

Finally, place the cart or utility vehicle’s direction selector in the neutral position and engage the neutral lock.

If you have questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And remember, if you live somewhere that doesn’t have snow on the ground all winter, we offer a variety of accessories such as official EZGO vinyl enclosures, heating kits and more, to make your cold-weather experience more enjoyable.

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